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How We Do It!




At Your News Now... we aim to be your complete News Service Provider. Our main objective is providing a full news product start to finish. You pick the news services that's best for your station and your listeners. We go about doing what you request...from in depth news content to short snapshot newscasts.

First...we'll work out just what you need. We'll gather the news content in your local market and if you request, we'll grab the sound bytes as well. If you can create content for us to read or we'll do the writing. We put together any length newscast you want. It's produced dry or with a customized news bed. If the news is sponsored we'll create local break avails into the newscast. No matter what...single or multiple newscasts, they'll be delivered via mp3 files to any file server you prefer. Everything we do is customized to your exact needs. All you have to do is download the newscast and they're ready to air!

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